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Are you stuck trying to think of a way to say Thank You to a special client of yours? Or maybe you simply want to wish everyone you work with a Merry Christmas with a small thoughtful gift?

Consumers nowadays have a never-ending list of choices when it comes to the products and services they buy. You would think it would be effortless to find the perfect gift for someone, but it's so easy to become overwhelmed with all the choices out there!

Let me make life a little easier for you (since that's what I'm all about!) and list a few ideas or places you can buy appropriate and affordable corporate gifts this holiday season:

  1. Meal Delivery Service (think HelloFresh or ChefsPlate)

  2. Spa Gift Certificate (think manicure, pedicure, or massage)

  3. Restaurant Gift Cards (think Olive Garden, Boston Pizza, or The Keg)

  4. Coffee Gift Cards (think Tim Hortons or Starbucks)

  5. Local Maid Service (think MollyMaid)

  6. Custom Mug or Tumbler ("Best Client Ever")

  7. Coffee Mug Warmer (check out this warmer on Amazon)

  8. Terrarium or Succulent Garden (check out this DIY succulent garden on Amazon)

  9. Professional Notebooks (check out these journals and notebooks from Chapters)

  10. Portable Charger (check out this power bank from Amazon)

  11. WoofBox (Pet Lover? Check out this neat service!)

  12. Tea Sampler Box (check out these 15 flavours on Amazon)

  13. Custom Calendar, Quote, or Design (check out what Etsy Canada has to offer)

  14. Gourmet Gift Baskets (check out what Bloomex has to offer)

  15. Custom Wine Glass (check out this engraved wine glass from WeddingStar)

As you can see, there are several affordable options to choose from besides the usual go-to gift card.

Maybe you should splurge and get yourself one of these gifts as well...

You know you deserve it!


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