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When you own your own company, there are literally HUNDREDS of tasks you must complete every single day. Everything from administrative to social media and bookkeeping to advertising. You may not even enjoy doing some of those tasks, which makes doing them even harder!

When you first started your company, it may have been necessary to do everything yourself, but when your company grows, delegating some of those tasks to others will be unavoidable. Why not hand the tasks over to a virtual assistant?

Start by making a list of things you dislike doing (bookkeeping anyone?), things you can't do yourself (oh, bookkeeping again?), and things you shouldn't be doing (hello bookkeeping!). Breaking these tasks down into lists will help you determine EXACTLY what you can delegate to a virtual assistant to help free up your time (and sanity!).

As mentioned in a previous post (5 Benefits of Working with a Virtual Assistant) there are several ways a virtual assistant (VA) can help your business. At first glance, it may seem like a VA isn't very cost-effective for small business owners, but it's quite the opposite! That is particularly true when you realize how much more time you have to scale your business at its core, which will bring in more revenue. It's a win-win!

Keep in mind that VAs often have specialties, just like in-office employees. What one VA offers, another may not. Some VA's offer general services while others specialize in just one or two areas. Their salaries may also reflect their expertise as well.

Here are 50+ tasks you can hand over to a virtual assistant:

  1. Coordinate and schedule calls and appointments

  2. Confirm appointments

  3. Provide reminders

  4. Reschedule calls and appointments

  5. Provide notice of schedule changes

  6. Protect your time (let the VA say No for you)

  7. Send and maintain a "pending" list (people who haven't responded)

  8. Inform significant others when you will be free or busy

  9. Screen/filtering emails

  10. Add and update contacts to your CRM

  11. Manage and organize your inbox

  12. Flag important items for viewing

  13. Reply to 'help desk' questions or tickets

  14. Handle webchat

  15. Answering any FAQs

  16. Forward calls to the VA when you are indisposed

  17. Transcribe voicemails

  18. Flag urgent calls

  19. Research flights, hotels, restaurants, and rental car companies

  20. Book flights, hotels, restaurants, and rental cars

  21. Book conferences or meeting spaces

  22. Forward any mail or documents

  23. Suspend mail or services while you're out of town

  24. Research leads

  25. Design presentations

  26. Assemble reports

  27. Help recruit employees or clients

  28. Fill out online forms

  29. Take notes from webinars

  30. Transcription

  31. Convert files

  32. Handle file management

  33. Schedule social media posts

  34. Maintain a VA manual

  35. Handling Google Drive or Dropbox

  36. Bookkeeping

  37. Invoicing

  38. Collecting payments

  39. Sending reminders or notices

  40. Make purchases

  41. Research and send gifts

  42. Manage your personal hobby logistics

  43. Make reservations

  44. Track down missing orders

  45. Manage personal calendar and coordinate it with your work schedule

  46. Schedule medical appointments

  47. Pay personal bills

  48. Content writing

  49. Audio/video editing

  50. Blogging

  51. Promoting social media pages

  52. Uploading videos

  53. Moderating comments on social media accounts

  54. Helping with Podcats

  55. SEO writing

  56. Creating websites or landing pages

  57. Creating logos, flyers, banners, etc.

As you can tell, there's no shortage of tasks you can hand over to a virtual assistant! Many of these tasks aren't even complicated or time-specific, they're just time-consuming things that need to be completed accurately and on-time.

To put it simply, you're a master juggler of all things business, and a VA will make sure you don't drop anything!


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