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Are you normally on top of things but lately you've been feeling overwhelmed? Are some of your AMAZING ideas being put on the back burner simply because you 'just don't have the time'? Virtual Assistants (VA's) can help you get your business and your life back on track. Here are just 5 of the benefits of working with a virtual assistant.


When you hire a VA over a traditional in-office employee, your costs drastically decrease. See Figure 1. You no longer have to pay for an employee's insurance, benefits, sick days, holidays, top-ups, or even parking spaces. All of those expenses now lie in the hands of the VA. You also don't have to waste your time or money hiring and training a new employee. A VA comes with a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips and often learns new ways to do things daily.


Along with saving money by not paying all of the above, there are also no additional costs such as extra office space, a computer, a desk, extra internet or computer program fees, office supplies, etc. Generally, a VA will have their own established home office and the only thing you will be invoiced for is their agreed upon time and services rendered.


This is a big one for your business! With the help of a VA, you will see an increase in productivity at a lower cost than if you had an in-office employee. You will have immediate access to most, if not all, of the resources you need and someone who is there to send off information at a moments notice. Hiring a VA will allow you to delegate tasks that are bogging you down. Get help answering your emails, managing your calendar, scheduling, making travel arrangements, etc. The possibilities with a VA are endless, and it's all to help you get your time back and to help your business THRIVE.


How many times have you told your family or friends that you couldn't attend a function, go to the beach, or go see a movie? How many times have you wanted to put your phone down and simply enjoy life again without panicking every time your phone buzzed? When you hire a VA, all of that is possible again. VA's work in a variety of ways. Some are hourly, some are by retainer, and some are project based. Because VA's work for themselves and can set their own hours, they tend to work beyond normal business hours. Wouldn't you love to come into work on Monday, after a relaxing weekend with your family and friends, knowing that your weekend emails had been handled and all you have to do is figure out where to go for lunch? Well guess what? You can! And a VA can figure out where you'll have lunch too!


How many times have you seen people hovering around the water cooler at work or talking with their coworkers about their weekend plans? They're getting paid when they do that! When you hire a VA, there is no wasted time. With a VA, you are paying for their time and services rendered. Nothing more. It doesn't benefit a VA to sit around and do nothing all day. Their time, just like yours, is valuable. If you hire a VA on an hourly or project based retainer, they will keep track of what they worked on and how long it took. This should all be shown on their invoice to you. Gone are the days you have to pay someone to go for lunch or stand around talking about the upcoming holidays. Now, you get exactly what you pay for.

There are several more benefits to be had when working with a virtual assistant. The above 5 are some of the biggest ones. Adding a VA to your business operations can take administrative tasks off your hands, improve your overall productivity, and expand your business at its core, all while saving you money and giving you your life back.

Working hard just got easier!

Figure 1: Estimated costs of an office employee vs a virtual assistant in Ontario


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